Who is Graves + Graves?

We are a Commercial and Industrial General Contractor and Construction Management Company. We do Design/Build, Plan & Spec., Turn-Key, Ground-Up, Remodels, and Fit-ups.

In terms of size, we are a small company, and thatís the way we like it; we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the projects we do. But donít be fooled by our size; in terms of ability we are substantial. As long as itís commercial or industrial, we can do it ó whether itís worth $50K or $15M.

What is unique about us? Relationships. We like to make them and keep themówith the clients, the subcontractors, and the vendors. So we donít advertise in the traditional sense; we think there is no better advertisement than word of mouth and a face to face meeting.

Give us a call; weíd love to meet with you, talk about your project, and see if we can be of service.

-Dan and Lambsy Graves

Dan Graves 859.621.3918
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Lambsy Graves 859.229.5811
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